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Listed below are different gift cards that allows you to check the balance of your gift cards. Click on each item for more details.  The list is divided into two section due to the large list. Click on the appropriate section for your gift card

Note: The list below and its related posts are just guide on checking your gift card balance. Any issues or concerns about your gift card should be handled by the merchant that issued the gift card or the name of the company that’s reflected on your gift card.

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There are typically three ways to check your gift card balance.

First is to do it online through the website of the gift card provider. This is applicable to most electronic or e-gift cards, but my be applicable to some plastic gift cards as well. The second method is to call their hotline or customer service and request for the balance of your gift card. Lastly, you can check your gift card balance in person through any store of your gift card provider.

Regardless of any step, you will need to have your gift card at hand because all the details should be there such as the gift card number and the personal identification number (PIN).

Click here Gift Cards starting from A – M

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One of the features that gift card holders seek from their card is the ability to check the outstanding or available balance. Whether their goal is to know the balance of the Visa or Mastercard gift card, the primary reason is because each cardholder would want to know the remaining amount in their card for them to allocate it appropriately or strategize their next actions.

For example, if card holder is planning to purchase something but finds out that that the balance on the gift card is still sufficient, then he can decide to save whatever cash he has. Another example is the other way around. A card holder who discovers that the balance on the gift card is not enough, then he can devise ways to raise money in order to purchase his desired gift item.

There are generally three ways to check your balance on your gift card – either online, through phone or in person.

The first method and, perhaps the most popular way, is to check the balance of the gift card online. Generally speaking, this can be done by going to the official website of the gift card provider. You would need some details like the gift card number which is typically printed at the back of the gift card. Other sites will require you to provide a PIN or a captcha as additional security feature.

Gift card is basically classified into two – a plastic gift card or an electronic gift card (e-gift card). Electronic gift certificates (e-gift certificates) also fall under the e-gift card classification. The e-gift cards and e-gift certificates are generally bought and used online, while only a certain percentage of all the plastic gift cards can be redeemed online.

One thing though that’s becoming a good feature for both types of gift card is the ability of users to check the gift card balance online. Most of the gift card providers also include the gift card transaction history. This allows gift card owners total control of their gift cards. This feature allows people to monitor their spending. It also helps in making sure that the transactions related to owner’s gift cards are authentic and exclusively initiated by the owner.

Some of the gift cards providers that allow owners to monitor gift card balance online are:

  • Applebee’s Gift Cards
  • Associated Bank Gift Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Baja Fresh Carta Baja Gift Cards
  • Bank of America Visa Gift Cards
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Cards
  • Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Cards
  • Best Buy Gift Cards
  • Blockbuster Gift Cards
  • Bloomingdale’s Gift Cards
  • Choice Hotels Gift Cards
  • Citizens Bank Gift Cards
  • CompanyKids Gift Cards
  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Gift Cards
  • Crate and Barrel Gift Cards
  • Four Seasons Hotel Gift Cards
  • Intrust Bank Gift Cards
  • Jefferson Bank Gift Cards
  • Johnson Bank Gift Cards
  • Lands’ End Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
  • McDonald’s Arch Card and USA Gift Certificates
  • Old Navy Gift Cards
  • Sears Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards
  • Sephora Gift Cards and e-Gift Certificates
  • Simon Gift Cards
  • TCF Bank Visa Gift Cards
  • WalMart Gift Cards
  • West Suburban Bank Gift Cards
  • Vanilla Visa Gift Card

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Other ways to know your balance is through phone or in person by visiting the stores. The telephone hotlines are generally written on the back of the card or on the gift card providers’ websites. Here are some of the numbers that allows you to check your gift card balance.

Click here Gift Cards starting from A – M

Click here Gift Cards starting from N – Z

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kenneth wright May 10, 2012

i buy this gift card to use online to play my games what a waste i cant even use it i wish visa would let you know you cant use visa online it would save me the trouble of wasting my time on visa and use one that does work thanks for nothing

kenneth wright August 29, 2012

visa has the worst prepaid credit cards around i buy it to get a phone online and cant use it when i call for help they want me to call back if visa can’t get there act together they shouldn’t be elling pre pay cards, i will warn all my friends to stay away from visa they dont do as they claim thanks for wasting my time

Denisse August 22, 2013

I switch to Time Warner cable and I received a gift card A-200 Now I’m trying to use it and it’s not working don’t know what’s going on. They told me I had a 60 days before I can use it it’s been 90 days do I still can’t use it..(347)764-9902

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